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a provider of open, industry-specific process applications and services

Drake Collaborative is a provider of open, industry-specific process applications and services needed to extend and maximize your organization's use and investment into existing enterprise solutions. Specializing in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) capabilities, DC's business process and rules-based solutions empower aggressive strategies.

DC provides services to clients of all sizes: from AT&T to a recently established on-line retailer. Our clients are from a variety of industries: from High-Tech to High-Fashion, from Mining & Manufacturing to Financial & Professional services industries, DC's repository of industry-specific, SOA-based gives any industry the opportunity to expand capabilities.
DC is committed to serving the technology needs of the government sector with a powerful combination of experience and technology built specifically for the government sector. Drake is helping national and local governments around the world achieve enhanced productivity and improved business efficiency.
NAT Resources
In recent years, Natural Resource companies have witnessed this capital-intensive industry undergo significant consolidation to achieve higher economies-of-scale and address global markets and sourcing opportunities. DC's solutions provide the unique opportunity to consolidate systems that can adapt to change in a cost effective manner.
High Tech
The High Technology OEM Complex Equipment Industry continues to face the pressure of the current business environment. The complexity of product configurations continues to grow along with its software content while customers demand customization and shorter order-to-delivery times. DC offers technology to help manufacturers address these customizations and manage complexity throughout the enterprise.
Industrial M&M
Industrial Manufacturers today face a variety of challenges—long lead times, cyclical and erratic inventory levels, inconsistent product quality, and the inability to adapt to changes in demand. Competition has intensified and globalization has extended the supply chain into new corners of the world. DC offers experience and solutions in industrial manufacturing, thereby allowing companies large and small to effectively manage lean & agile manufacturing.
Telco E&M
The Telecommunications, Entertainment & Media industry is in need for new revenue streams, and economies of scale are driving mergers and acquisitions. The “quadruple play”—voice, video, and data, bundled with mobile services—is becoming the new standard cycle. DC is the first to offer the opportunity to consolidate the channels into a centralized solution.
CPG Retail
Retailing has always been about serving the customer. The more you know about your customers, the better you can meet their needs—and the better you meet their needs, the more likely they are to stay loyal. DC offers a unique opportunity to know more about your customer so you can provide the correct product to the appropriate customer base.
Financial Services
The banking industry requires running on low-cost, highly scalable platforms. 100% dynamic service-based solutions that will increase sales, improve enterprise performance, comply with regulatory mandates, boost operational efficiency, and enhance customer service. DC deliver the opportunity to reveal a single source of truth for customer data—a single integrated source for all applications.
Life Sciences
In the medical device industry, product innovation is the primary source of financial return. But successful innovation requires a significant operational framework: manufacturers must keep pace with new medical technologies, competitive offerings, regulatory compliance requirements, and clinical demands. Dynamic solutions that plug-in, allowing different frameworks and different technologies to adapt and allow for product innovation.

DC's solutions span the industry-specific product & service needs into and through the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) pillars of an organization's enterprise. DC's solutions are meant to address the gaps created between an organization’s strategic intent & vision, and their current practices.
CRM enables organizations to improve their customer service — and increase their chances of retaining customers — by providing them with all of the information they need to make planning, product and service decisions throughout the customer life cycle. DC offers the ability for customers to easily and securely access data that would have been impossible in non-service based offerings.
Companies in all industries are facing pressures to reduce time-to-market. Marketing, as an integral part of the go-to-market cycle, faces the same pressures to compress timing. Since DC offers workflow-driven dynamic processes, such as for approvals, they save time by bringing the right issue to the right person at the right time. This allows our customer to get their material in front of the right customers first.
Contact Center
Customers expect a consistent experience and seamless flow of their information across all points of contact from Internet storefronts to the more traditional telesales, field sales or partner channels. DC integrates all the different interaction mixes to allow for a seamless customer experience.
Delivering sustainable revenue growth through sales requires consistent and accurate information about customers. Continually refining and improving a sales methodology provides for differentiation and value throughout the entire sales cycle. DC Provides the ability to dynamically define and scale processes enterprise-wide to maximize sales effectiveness and grow revenue.
DC understands that in supply chain management applications, it is important to use information in order to improve key supply chain processes—from design, planning, and procurement to manufacturing and fulfillment. Allows you to integrate all SCM phases in an open manner to offer seamless fulfillment processes.
DC offers the ability to run a single holistic plan across supply, distribution, and manufacturing, and, as a result, has reduced planning of organizations significantly. This is provided by the ability to integrate many disparate systems based on industry best practices in an open manner.
Users can connect to relevant people and information in order to effectively coordinate activities. IT can improve business processes by standardizing on enterprise collaboration while protecting investments in existing infrastructure and skills. Using DC Collaboration Solutions, the Enterprise can centrally manage, securely audit and globally apply compliance rules, to departmental and enterprise collaborative applications.
Companies today are caught between escalating customer expectations for on-time deliveries and rising fulfillment costs. This problem is compounded by the complexity of their logistics networks. DC offers business rules and a dynamic workflow to optimally choose routes, modes, equipment, timing and consolidation points to allow for optimal logistics performance.

Built to help your organization plan, build, deploy and manage business capability solutions through the entire lifecycle. DC allow for world-class, industry leading practices by maximizing your investments in your current enterprise systems business environment.
The Focus portal repository which fill UI gaps for numerous industries. The Focus UI portlets are mapped to the services in the Define repository for each industry. The Focus portal repository contains WSRP / JSR based portlets that are easily deployed to the customers’ compatible web portal.
Define is based on years of knowledge sharing from many different customers in numerous industries. Define services are deployable to any BPEL .0 compatable engine. The use of Define services significantly reduces development time and TCO. Define services are open by nature to allow for single instance of process throughout business.
Connect exposes today's leading applications to our Define repository using standard java-based services. These services are built in an open manner so they can be exposed to any environment without development or customization.

DC’s professional services organization has been built from the ground up to take the best of our Product Development organization's approaches and frameworks. Utilizing highly agile and business-driven user centric approaches to the design life-cycle, DC's services organization offers rigorous and structured methods to clearly define scope and prioritize services, resulting in significant savings in time, effort and resources.
DC's Industry, Process and Technology Architects provide the "know-how" and expertise required in driving your company's enterprise transformation. Establishing relationships through our consensus-building realization process, DC's Architects enable the collaborative's knowledge and understanding to be applied in accordance with the strategic intent.
Utilizing Drake OnDemand is a great strategy to move the lever on costs, up or down, depending on which way our customer conducts business. Drake OnDemand takes on a whole new meaning at DC where our offerings are real services-based composite applications that can adapt to changes in business as they happen.
DC Business Process Optimization helps you capture the current state of your business processes and then aligns them to best practices for the most optimal fit to your needs. The end results are recommendations for moving forward with the new business processes as well as a report weighing any risks or marking areas of improvement.
From Guidance and Planning to Program, Project and Resources direction, Drake Collaborative provides implementation services to support your Project Kick-off - to - Go-Live activities in each transformational phase.

Collaborate with the best...Drake Collaborative's communities provide opportunities to share knowledge, sharpen skills, consider partnerships and get answers to your specific questions.Coming Soon!

DC is always looking for great people. We need the best and the brightest to fuel our phenomenal growth and reach our leadership goals in the industry. Work here is exciting and challenging! Pay is competitive and opportunities for continuous learning and advancement are endless. You'll never have a better opportunity to have it all. If you have the energy, enthusiasm and exceptional skills and experience in one or more of these areas, there may be a match!
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What We Do
At DC we build relationships with communities throughout your organization. Crossing business process, geographic and issue boundaries, DC helps to drive your goals to transform enterprise & infrastructure architectural policies & practices. From your company's Corporate to Procedural levels; from Alliances & Channels to your customers, DC's encompassing and inclusive approach guarantees collaboration, adoption and satisfaction.
DC assists and supports your decision criteria regarding the business value of IT offerings. DC's approach is to maximize the financial returns of investing in new IT Solutions and measuring the true financial costs associated with technology over its life cycle. DC's strength and experience enables your organization to consider relevant opportunities in evaluating technology development and management options.
Applied Knowledge
DC provides a repository of individual business and IT services that work together, along with your existing enterprise applications, to provide specific business solutions that support the industry and semantic standards common to each industry. Complete with Focused user interfaces and open integration connectors, this collection of pre-defined industry-specific process application is maintained and deployed as a baseline solution to accommodate the gap between your current state and your strategic intent.

A study of SOA projects across industries worldwide revealed improved flexibility (00%), decreased costs (%), reduced risk (%), and increased revenue (%). Because SOA's design philosophy enables entirely new ways for businesses to operate and collaborate, we anticipate that its adoption will cause shifts in the competitive landscape of virtually every industry.
Because SOA's design philosophy enables entirely new ways for businesses to operate and collaborate, we anticipate that its adoption will cause shifts in the competitive landscape of virtually every industry.
Globalization continues to pressure industries for increased collaboration within their value chains. The banking industry, a virtual backbone for all other industries, feels this pressure both within their industry and with those they serve. Collaboration demands technology integration, and approaches so far have resulted in redundancy and inefficiency wired together with inefficient systems. Through a modular approach to underlying technology integration, service-oriented architecture (SOA) can help reduce redundancy, inflexibility and inefficiency in critical business processes.
Bringing a pharmaceutical or biologic product to market takes more than just good science. It takes an agile business to respond to the changing market dynamics. Research and development (R&D) is under pressure to bring new treatments to market faster and extend its reach in global markets. Likewise, manufacturing needs to incorporate more efficient, quality-centric processes that scale across regions and partners. At the same time, sales and marketing need to address regulatory demands by re-evaluating how they manage the increasing number of channels and partners. The challenges of integrating technologies can hamper all of these efforts. Service-oriented architecture (SOA) can serve as the new blueprint for aligning business and IT. This paper is intended for business executives and explores how SOA can help enterprises effectively achieve business flexibility within a compliant environment.

SOA is the Future. All packaged software vendors are moving towards SOA, and if your organization dithers, you could find yourself buying a mismatch of applications that do not work together, warns Yefim Natis, VP and Gartner distinguished analyst. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a term that is seldom properly understood by IT heads. Gartner defines it as software that is modular, discoverable (i.e. can be used without looking at the implementation code), distributable, shareable, swappable (i.e. software can be swapped without changing applications), and heterogeneous-ready (i.e. should connect with other applications).According to Natis, a mistake most enterprises and CIOs make is thinking SOA is synonymous with Web-based software. SOA creates a more agile business environment, however to get optimum benefit of SOA, Natis said SOA should be thought of as a business model, rather than a software.
Storm clouds ahead. Cloud computing, which refers primarily to an on-demand service delivery model that may span both outsourced and premises-based platforms, is the hot, new paradigm. But cloud computing is causing discomfort among some IT professionals, who are concerned that cloud-based services may fall outside the scope of established service-oriented architecture (SOA) governance initiatives. After several grueling years of implementing life-cycle controls over their Web services environments, these IT pros now worry they may have to radically revamp those efforts to keep pace with rogue adoption of outsourced cloud services.
The Role of a SOA Platform During Mergers and Acquisitions. Mergers and Acquisitions are tricky business manoeuvresmaneuvers and that, if not done skilfully, can may produce the very opposite of the synergy they aim to achieve. But during certain economic climates M&As become a necessity for survival than an option. The role of IT in consolidating systems, especially when pushed by financial and management reporting requirements is crucial. Without the proper analysis or a framework in place for such consolidation, the negative effects on operations will can last for years.

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